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The Obrassi project was born in 2009, during the crisis of the construction sector in Spain. It was driven by technical architects José Peralta and Carlos Cortés. They decided to create a company facing the collapse of the Spanish market, covering various fields of construction, mainly characterized by management transparency and honesty. The past experiences first-hand lived with companies that do not meet the payments to their suppliers and workers, protected by impunity caused by the general severe economic situation, made that one of the main objectives of Obrassi is precisely the payment guarantee to all producers.

Nevertheless, the main foundation of our company policy is to obtain the highest quality level in every project we undertake.

To accomplish this, we have the best possible arguments:

  • Planning and technical advice
  • Qualified personnel carefully selected
  • Collaboration of the best auxiliary companies in the construction sector
At Obrassi we firmly believe that the quality of a company is the quality of the people who are part of it, so we made with the utmost care the selection of the personnel and  the ancillary companies that will intervene in your construction work.

We offer our experience in performing all kinds of works, having taken part in the construction of over 2,000 homes, 3 and 4 stars hotels, warehouses and distribution platforms, restoration of protected buildings as well as performing numerous renovations of all types in homes, residential areas, etc..

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